The Five Stages of Pre-Graduation For An English Major

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Well, mere months stand between many of us and the conclusion of our undergraduate career.



I’m sure my fellow almost-graduates are all over the board when it comes to how they feel about finishing college: happy, sad, excited, anxious. It’s pretty safe to say that we’re feeling all of these things at once.

Here’s a breakdown of the five stages of pre-graduation:

1. Denial

I can’t actually be graduating. Don’t I still have to take Critical Theory? Global Lit? ANYTHING? Oh…there’s nothing else to take? Well…that’s a first.

2. Anger

Why would I choose such an amazing school and major only to have to leave one day!? It’s not fair; why me?

3. Bargaining

If I could start all over again, I would never miss a class! I’d do all of my homework the minute it was assigned. I’d give anything for just one more class in Rounds 203…or 303. Even after all of those stairs.

4. Depression

No more required reading…no more essays to write…what am I even going to do with myself?

5. Acceptance

Okay, I’m graduating and that’s a good thing. I’m going to find a super cool job with the help of my shiny new English degree. Maybe I’ll get a dog and name it Hemingway or Poe or something… And I probably won’t even be that far from campus anyways…I can always come back and visit!