Parent-Teacher Conferences

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In mid-February, I had the opportunity to participate in Plymouth Elementary School’s parent-teacher conferences. That Thursday, school started normally; however, the students were quite excited because they had a half-day. I carried on through my shortened lessons, and soon it was noon, and the students were gone. We didn’t have our first conference until 1:00 P.M, so the teachers headed to the teacher’s room for a big potluck. As we ate, we talked about how the afternoon would look, what to expect and what specific discussion points to keep in mind for each conference. 

During the conferences, I felt a part of every discussion. My host teacher, Mrs. Tanner, continually included me in the conversations and emphasized that my input was essential to the meetings. 

The experience affirmed that I had chosen the right path for my education. I was sitting at a conference table late in the afternoon, well past the typical eight-hour day, but I was doing something that I wanted to do. This whole experience of the internship has at times been overwhelming and exhausting, but the amount of knowledge and confidence I have gained as an educator makes it all worth it. When I arrived for the first day of my internship, I never expected to be exposed to so much in such a short time. Throughout these seven weeks, my classroom presence has transformed from a kid who struggled to lead to somebody who can manage twenty students at a time. My journey here at PES still isn’t over, and every day I progress in ways I never believed I would. 

Connor Cyr

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