Reading Juvenilia with MESA

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This past Thursday, MESA members and English students gathered at Plymouth State’s Frost House for a reading of juvenilia.

Participants showed off their childhood and adolescent work, which included poetry, picture books, diary entrees, videos, and even fan fiction. About twenty English Department students participated in the reading; MESA hopes to bring the event, titled “MESA Memories”, back for the Spring semester.

Check out some pieces from the event below!

Geneva Sambor’s Simile Assignment (Age 8):


Nathan Theriault’s Poetry (Age 11):

Gophers blowup
they kill all they see
they eat human flesh
beneath a palm tree.
Gophers blowup they
don’t even die
the only thing that can
happen is they might
lose an eye.
Gophers explode they
love to explode
they tie dynamite to themselves
and jump in the lake
that’s how they got there
dinner, when all the
dead fish float
to the surface.

Andrea Wasgatt’s Shakespeare Movie Trailer (Age 14):