Shakespeare for Social Justice, Spring 2023

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Sara and Calle in Shakespearean costume and drag, in front of a blooming tree.

EN 4805.01: Shakespeare Single Author Study, or Shakespeare for Social Justice, is a course at Plymouth State University in which students explore Shakespearean literature through various social justice lenses over the course of the semester. The course is co-taught by Jessie Chapman and Nic Helms. Each student chooses a project topic to explore in depth and share their knowledge with the class as well as a target audience. Many of these projects were presented in the form of an outdoor performance on May 7, 2023 at the Silver Center for the Arts Amphitheater (photos from this performance can be viewed on the “gallery” page). This website, created by Delia Berowitz, details each of those projects and provides additional information in the form of interviews and research. These projects span across topics such as accessibility, inclusivity and representation, climate action, labor laws, and more.

Please enjoy perusing the products of all of these students’ hard work!