Intersectionality Talks, Nov 2022

Intersectionality Talks is hosting two digital lectures at PSU this month!

On Thursday, Nov. 3rd from 7:00-8:00 PM, Dr. Cori Bazemore-James will join us for “Acknowledging the Land.” Dr. Bazemore-James will discuss when, how, why, and why not to use land acknowledgement statements. She will share her perspectives, research, excellent examples, and the practices she personally uses. Attendees will learn the following about land acknowledgements: their meaning, what they should entail, who should do them, where to do them, the argument for not doing them, and the responsibilities that go along with them.

On Thursday, Nov. 16th from 6:00-7:00 PM, Profs. Michael Bérubé and Jennifer Ruth will join us for “It’s Not Free Speech.” They’ll discuss their 2022 Johns Hopkins UP published It’s Not Free Speech: Race, Democracy, and the Future of Academic Freedom, a provocative book that asks whether academic freedom–as distinct from free speech–should extend to white supremacists, or whether we should treat advocates of racist pseudoscience the way we treat believers in phlogiston or the efficacy of human sacrifice.

Please register for each talk at Intersectionality Talks’ page at the PSU Open CoLab. Intersectionality Talks is a joint project of the PSU Open CoLab and the Humanities, Cultures, and Communication academic unit at PSU.

Both events are co-sponsored by PSU’s Center for Diversity, Equity, and Social Justice. And a Diversity Dinner will be held before the Nov 16th event at 5:30 PM in the Newfound Room at Prospect Dining Hall, sponsored by PSU Residential Life and Dining Services.

Flyer with QR code linking back to Zoom registration.


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