Ellen Reed

Ellen Reed House in fall with autumn foliage in foreground
Ellen Reed House in winter, covered in snow.
Ellen Reed House in spring, with flowering tree in foreground.
Photos courtesy of Liz Ahl

Building History

Built in 1900, this property, previously known as the Calley house, was acquired in 1934 and served as the administration building. Under President Hyde’s direction it was significantly refurbished to facilitate more offices for the President’s growing administration.
Since the Guy E. Speare Building became the primary administration building, the Ellen Reed house has continued to function as an office building for the English Department. For a short time, beginning in 1974, the building was called the Faculty Office Building and was officially named the Ellen Reed House in 1976.

Named For

A faculty member at the Plymouth Normal School, Ellen Reed is remembered for her dedication to the school. She was the only faculty member not to resign during the financial difficulties the school faced in 1879.