The Sidore Lecture Series Continues

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As the Saul O Sidore lecture series continues at PSU, we take a close look into right-wing extremist groups, and their impact on both Europe and the United States. Katherine Donahue, anthropologist and professor emeritus of Anthropology here in Plymouth, will present about her work on this topic in a talk titled “Cycles of Hatred and Rage: What Are Right-Wing Extremist Groups Telling Us?” on Tuesday, March 16th at 7:00PM. The event is open to anyone in the PSU community, and is available to join here.

Photo of Katherine Donahue.
Katherine Donahue, Professor Emeritus of Anthropology

Since the US Capitol riot of January 6, 2021, right-wing movements have received a great deal of attention from the American media and the FBI. The Proud Boys, a right-wing “militia” that espouses violence, is only one group of close to a thousand that the Southern Poverty Law Center considers to be of grave concern. European countries have for years experienced a growth in extreme right-wing movements in, for instance, France, Italy, and Germany. This lecture draws on the fieldwork of anthropologists in Europe and the US to provide insight into factors such as immigration, inequality, and labor insecurity that drive people to form such groups in protest against governments and their policies.

Description of the lecture from the series homepage.

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