Movie Buffs Rejoice, Filmmaker’s Vision is Returning This Fall!

Love movies?


If the answer is yes (Why wouldn’t it be? Who doesn’t like movies?!), then you should sign up to take The Filmmaker’s Vision: An Introduction to Film Analysis  with Paul Rogalus this fall!

Here’s a sneak peek to entice you:

“[This course portrays] film as an art – parallel to poetry or painting or music. It analyzes the means by which good filmmakers move audiences to feel, to think, to experience certain aspects of life and becomes familiar with film art (particularly the roles played in that art by the director, the editor and the cinematographer). Also, [the course] stresses the humanistic qualities of the film experience and how it can connect to our own “real life” personal experiences.”

Don’t miss out on an awesome opportunity to watch movies in class all the time! Oh, and analyze the crap out of them in an awesomely academic way.


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