Calling All Tweeters, Internet Explorers, and Everything In Between for Digital Lit

Technology affects almost every aspect of our lives nowadays…ever wonder about how it’s changed the way we read and communicate?


If so, you should sign up for Digital Lit: Storytelling in the Digital Age with Dr. Ann McClellan!

This blurb gives you a better idea of what cool convos you’ll be having in class:

“[Digital Lit] explores the ways in which technology is affecting how we read, write, and experience stories. Possible topics include: the history and development of electronic literature and hypertext media; the rise of social media and how it affects digital literature (fan fiction, online role playing games, Twitterature, etc.); and the rise of transmedia storytelling.

Sounds pretty interesting to me. Agreed? Make sure you get your name on the roster before it fills up!


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