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Message from Professor, Paul Rogalus

Dear Plymouth State English Alumni and Friends:
(really, anyone who’s taken an English class here over the past 30 years)

I am writing to invite you all to reconnect with us, and to help us celebrate the teaching careers of three of our most dedicated and popular professors, all of whom retired earlier this year: Joe Monninger, Meg Peterson, and Megan Birch.

Meg and Megan ran our English Teacher Certification program for many years, while Joe Mo helped to nurture and inspire creative prose writers for the past three decades. And what has most closely connected Joe, Meg, and Megan during their time at Plymouth State has been their tremendous love of teaching, and their strong connections to their students. So, we are inviting all of you who ever had a class, or an extracurricular experience with Joe, Meg, and/or Megan to send us your memories, your writing—which they might have helped to inspire, and any other soul messages that you might want to share with them—and with us. When you think about it, we’ve all been part of a sort of odd surrogate family. So, let’s stay connected!

Take care,
Paul Rogalus

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Miranda Kaplan