PSU Alumni Spotlight: Jennifer Streeter, Class of 2010

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Today, we’re catching up with PSU alum Jennifer Streeter!


A PSU tour guide bestowed upon a senior-in-high-school Jennifer some sage words of widsom:

“Your college decision will be one of the most important decisions of your life. Wherever it is you choose, when you step on that campus, it should feel like home. If it doesn’t feel like home – it’s not the place for you.”

And the rest is history. Well, more like English.

Jennifer graduated from Plymouth State in 2010 with her English degree (writing option). On choosing the writing option, Jennifer said:

“I had always been really passionate about fiction and poetry writing and having the opportunity to fine tune my technical writing skills and my non-fiction writing seemed like a good idea. I didn’t know what I wanted to do exactly at the time, but I knew that English was a great route to go down. “

 After departing from New Hampshire, she earned her Masters degree in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies while studying at the University of Kansas. Jennifer had worked as a student worker for both Undergraduate Studies and then in Judicial Programs and Dean of Students at PSU and former Dean Keefe helped her figure out that Student Affairs was the path she wanted to go down.

Currently, Jennifer is an academic advisor at SUNY Dutchess in New York. She has only good things to say about her career choice:

“I absolutely love being able to help students individually figure out their career goals, pick their courses for graduation, and work with them on the transfer process.”

There were quite a few individuals at PSU that encouraged and inspired Streeter to go above and beyond what she thought was possible.

“While I was working at Plymouth State, I was working with Jane Barry who still works so hard and passionately for the international students at PSU. Former Dean Keefe and Sean Bogle, our Judicial Conduct Officer, helped steer me in the direction of student affairs. They recognized my strong writing and oral abilities and my drive and passion to help students succeed in college the same way that I did. I had amazing mentors in the English program, especially the amazing Ann McClellan who let me keep her couch warm for many hours in her office. I wanted to be a mentor for students and to help them achieve their educational goals. So many individuals at PSU helped me achieve my dreams. I wouldn’t be here without them.”

Like any English-degree wielding reader and writer, Jennifer has some opinions about what we should be reading and perhaps what we should put a little less emphasis on:

“I would have to say the book that stuck with me the most from PSU and, to this day,  is Geek Love. My best friend, and fellow English major and I quote this book on a regular basis. It was life-changing and I recommend it to almost everyone I know. And for the most overrated book…let’s just say I ended up reading Robinson Crusoe at least three times in college and by the third time was ready to chuck it in the Pemi River…”

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